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School life

Montessori Inspired

Montessori has five areas: sensorial, practical life, language, math, and cultural. Our Montessori room is equipped with a complete range of Montessori equipment designed to practice independence and concentration.


We are proud of our phonics method combining a specific phonic song, sight words, and Montessori approach. We provide reading workshop for parents to understand how we teach reading.

Focusing initially on reading in English, we gradually transition to Bahasa Indonesia after they master one reading technique. Our graduates are able to read both in English and Bahasa Indonesia. 

Religion Class

Our school welcomes all religions and acknowledges all holidays as an act of tolerance.

We provide religion class for Islam and Christian every Friday for Kindergarten students.

Guest Visit

Our thematic approach offers creativity to invite community members as guest speakers.


We have had a doctor, pilot, endangered animal community, musician, and many more to come and speak to the students.

Parent Teaching Day

We take pride in our strong relation and teamwork with parents. Our parents are invited to come one day in every term to bring a variety of learning activity to their children.

Fieldtrips and Outings

Every class has different thematic outings in every term. There is no fee for outings and parents support to provide transportation is greatly appreciated. Fieldtrip may need an additional fee since we do not charge for annual development fee.