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Grow with us

Toddler Gross Motor Class

(Walking - 2,5 years old)

The class focuses on gross motor development with the use of equipment (climbing, balancing, agility, and coordination). 

Children are accompanied by one parent/caregiver. Parents can choose to meet once, twice, or three times a week.

There are 2 levels: Walking and Running  

This class is a good steppingstone for playgroup as the children start to familiarize themselves with the school and teachers.


(2-4 years old)

The focus of the playgroup program is to prepare social emotional development, practice on discipline and following a routine, conquer anxiety separation, early literacy and fine motor development, and being independent.

Program includes phonics, Phonics, Montessori time, loose parts discovery, science, gross motor, indoor and outdoor playground, guest visit.

The class meets 3 days/week for 2.5 hours/day


Schedules are Mon-Wed-Fri or Tue-Thu-Sat.


(4-6 years old)

Kindergarten program includes all described in Playgroup program with the addition of cultural/geography, religion class, morning pray, sports day, marching band, and reading in Bahasa Indonesia. 

Montessori time is longer in a designated room for them to work uninterrupted. 

The class meets 5 days a week.

Monday-Thursday (8.15-11.45)

Friday (8.15-11.00)

Marching band once a week (12.00-13.00)


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