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Meet Our Dedicated Team


Putri Sukmantari, S.Psi., M.Ed.

Director of Education

Aunty Putri is the director of education at MI School. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a master’s degree in Education specialized in Teaching, Learning, and Development. She has been in education field since 2002. She loves reading books, watching suspense movies, and eating spicy food.


Yasmin Hariza, S.Pd.


Aunty Yasmin is our principal. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education, and she has been with MI School since 2011. She may look calm, but she is very friendly, approachable, and caring. She will try her best to solve whatever problems and issues students and parents are dealing with. She loves reading books and is a big movie enthusiast.


Febriyani Tri Rakhmawanty, S.Psi.

HR & Finance Manager

Aunty Febri is the first person you meet when you come to our school. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has been with MI School since 2012. She takes care of our team, students and parents. She also does the enrolment and finance and she is very good at it. She believes she is better at counting than she is at cooking!


Ageng Ryantono, A.Md.

School & Facility Manager

Uncle Ageng joined MI School in 2016 and has been a valuable asset ever since. He has a diploma in Management and brings in his expertise in taking care of paperwork, licensing, networking, marketing, and building maintenance. He is the one to come to for any issues outside of teaching and learning. In his spare time, he loves to experiment with coffee!


Dewi Siti Lestari, S.Pd.

Coordinator of Student Affairs/Teacher

Aunty Dewi holds a bachelor’s degree from Early Childhood Education, and she has been with MI School in 2012. You can easily identify her from her sound of voice. She is very friendly and loves to laugh. When she is not busy working on paperwork or teaching, she can be found at home with her Lego and Disney collection, reading novel online, or trekking in the great outdoors.


Selvy Marcellina, S.Pd.

Coordinator in Academic & Curriculum/Teacher

Aunty Selvy graduates from Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and has been with MI School since 2012. She is responsible for implementation of curriculum and academic for the whole school. She is known for her caring personality and her great smile. She enjoys travelling in and out of the country, and she has travelled in many places in Indonesia. She is also a big fan of cats!


Fridha Yuliyatni, S.I.Kom.

Supervisor Gross Motor Class/Teacher

Aunty Fridha has been with MI School since 2011. She has a bachelor’s degree in communication and is one of our expert teachers in Toddler Gross Motor Class. She does the design and supervise lesson planning for our Walking and Running classes. She can be easily identified by her tone of voice which is very inviting and welcoming. She loves music, movies, coffee and sweet dessert. 


Listya Yulharmitha, S.Pd.

Senior Teacher

Aunty Tya has been with MI School since 2012, and she is a versatile teacher. She easily adapts to teach Toddler, Playgroup, or Kindergarten class. Aunty Tya loves aesthetic things, thus she is very creative. She brings in inovative and creative ideas for her class’ art/craft or our events. Most of the time, she designs our costumes for events. On the weekend, she can be found in coffee shops, because she simply loves the smell of coffee!


Senior Teacher

Aunty Anggra joined MI School in 2014 and has been a valuable teacher ever since. She teaches the Christian religion class in addition to her regular class. Her education background is Early Childhood Education, and she is a very good musician. She adds music to her teaching, sometimes bringing her guitar to sing together with her students. Aside from music, she also enjoys baking and coffee shop hopping.


Rizki Malik Alamin


Uncle Rizki has been with MI School since 2016. He is the one that will greet the students in the morning and make sure they come in safely. He makes sure the school is safe, secure, and sanitized. He is very friendly, funny, and a family-man. He spends his weekend with his family or taking care of his pet lovebirds.

Amelia Anggraini Parameswari, S.Pd

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