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"And everyone is smart"

Why MI School?

  • The MI School’s program is unique and focuses on the whole child. We use thematic and develop the National Curriculum. 

  • Everyone is active and curious. We foster independence, creativity, confidence and initiative through our Montessori facility, and encourage open communication in the class. 

  • Soft skills are as important as hard skills. We use half of our time to teach integrity, problem solving, persistence, and character building through role play, discussion, movies, and stories. 

  • We spend time teaching children to be grateful through our innovative teaching segment.

  • English is used in daily conversation, and Bahasa Indonesia is conducted every Friday along with religion and character building sessions. 

  • Fostering a growth mindset for children to be open to challenges, new skill set, and we put our highest appreciation on the process, not just the result. 

  • We believe everyone is smart

  • Children learn differently, therefore we incorporate ways to make sure all 8 intelligences are stimulated in every theme being taught.

The 8 Intelligences 


Ability to understand one's self, knowing who you are and what you can do.


Ability to understand other people, to communicate and interact with others.


Ability to think in music, to understand beat and rhythm. 


Ability to visualize, draw, design and imagine spatial world in your mind.


Ability to use whole parts of body, learn through actions and movement.


Ability to understand how cause and effect, love to explore, investigate and calculate.


Ability to use language to express what's on your mind and to understand other people.


Ability to appreciate the world and nature, sensitivity to living things.

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